I am back from India.  “Not”!  I am not sure you get back from India. It works it’s way into the cracks of your soul and wraps itself around you in ways that will not allow you to escape. The culture is impossible to describe. Everyone talks about the food, which is weird, hot and sometimes amazing. The traffic which is always terrifying and exhilarating. The temperature, hot, so hot… The trash… oh my gosh.. the trash. The poverty, heartbreaking. Michelle Wegner said it best, the more times you return, you realize you understand it less and less. India is complex.

The people are wonderful. The smiles unmatched. The beauty, extreme. The sadness, beyond words.

I arrived in Chicago Saturday evening around 5:45 Chicago time and was home around 10:00. So physically I am here, in Michigan but in my head I am still 9 thousand miles away. I can still see and feel hundreds of people being baptized in the muddy waters of a lake that supplies Chennai with water. Frankly it’s pretty hard to imagine what they would have to do to clean it enough to make it drinkable. But past the sanitation issues lies the real story. Having accepted God’s generous offer of salvation back in the mid seventies and being baptized myself at that time, I have a perspective that only of few of this days “baptizies” might have. Three decades of life post baptism.  I am continuously reminded of what my life would have been like had I continued on the path I was on at the time I accepted Christ. I watched in awe and complete awareness as hundreds began their journey just as I had. I felt  incredibly privileged to witness the event.  The young and the old. I was captivated by the sense of eternal destinies being changed before my eyes. The world as I know it was shrinking before my eyes and the Kingdom of God growing larger by the moment. I think it’s why Jesus commanded us to “go”. When you “go” you see God. And He is busy, building His Kingdom. One child at a time. and…. there is a lot of us.