Yesterday we went to a baptismal service, Indian Style. Nearly 400 people were baptized. It was 105 degrees. The people came from 18 different churches through out the district that are pastored by GCC trained church planters. Rob has the details on his blog..

For a good portion of the baptism I stood on a raft that looked like it was salvaged from “the ark”.  Around the edges, the lake was pretty swampy.  Honestly the muck was pretty gross… to borrow a term from when I was a kid. Realizing I was pretty far from “the action”  I got out of the boat!  My pants have 6 pockets… I successfully emptied 5 of them before wading out.  The little India Nokai phone was a casualty.  It was great to get close. Baptism’s always get to me. This day was no exception. I watched as a very old man was carried out to Raj & Rob. He appeared crippled. The years had taken a toll on him. I could only imagine the joy he will experience when his body is fully restored in the soon coming Kingdom of God. The children were every where. They love cameras. Some things are the same where ever you go.

I have a short video that will give you a taste.