I don’t think this is what it looked like 2,000 years ago when Thomas was here in India planting churches. It was most likely a hill with a dirt path leading to the top. Still, when I was standing, walking and looking around, knowing that Thomas, stood, walked and looked around the very same place, it gave me pause. As Rob points out in his blog, Thomas was here as a church planter, In Tamil Nadu. So are we. If that does not stop you in your tracks then you need to take your pulse.

It really did not matter to me that there were pictures, icons and religious “stuff” around, it was knowing he had been there and died there that impacted me. What a true shock it must have been for him when he truly realized who Jesus is and his now famous quote.

my-lordAt some point in the visit, I wanted to do what Thomas might have done so I left the building walked a short ways to an area where no one was at the time and that had an over look that was for the most part without buildings and wires and things man has built. Something closer to what Thomas may have seen when he was here.


I was praying there for a little while when this man started to talk to me.

manI don’t know his name. His english was not great but in a short time I was able to understand a few things. He said I need help, my wife is insane and my children are sick and I need to pay my rent. I don’t know if his story is true or not. At that moment that was not what was on my mind.

I asked God to let me feel this man’s pain and He did.

I asked God to let me see what Thomas saw, and He did.