I don’t remember right off hand ever being on any trip just like this. Rob and Michelle with there three lovely daughters, Madi, Whit and Belle have included me in what clearly is ” family time”.  I am humbled, honored and blessed.  

We are on our way to India with a lot of clear objectives. Somewhere in the process a decision was made mostly for the girls I think to break up the trip with a short break in London. I have been allowed an inside look into the way this family lives together. In a few words, they love each other. We are all tired !  Changing time zones in the middle of the night and trying to force your body to adjust just messes you up..really !  In short, any one would be proud of the way they are handling it.

Rob will be teaching a family life conference to about 150 pastors in a couple weeks in Chanai, Tamil Nadu India. He will be addressing issues related to being committed, Godly husbands and fathers. He would not have much left to teach if they could all just follow his family around like I have.

You can pray for these Indian pastors and the people they will be teaching when they return to their villages. There culture has done a lot to weaken the role of men in their families. Our culture in America is not far behind.

It’s 6:55 back in Michigan. It’s 11:55 here.. I think I should sleep… I really want to go eat something… Fatigue wins.. off to bed.