Video by Dustin Holliday. Dustin is the Director of Outreach at Christian Fellowship Church in the Washington DC area and close friend of Jack. He also leads a missional outreach to Nicaragua.  He joined Jack and I in Cambodia to get a first hand look at the One Prayer Church planting efforts. While we were traveling and shooting video, Dustin was using his mad video skills and a flip camera to capture these behind the scenes shots. It’s a rare look for me because I am always behind the camera.

We had a great time.. lots of fun in the midst of some pretty intense work in very high heat and humidity. Dustin was incredibly helpful. Several times I took him up on his offer to carry the gear. A 50 plus lb. back pack full of lens, mics, batteries etc.

Dustin is a warrior. He and Jack are cut from the same fabric. Leather I think. Camo black leather with kevlar coating and built in GPS tracking and radiation detection and spider venom antidote. Yes… they eat spiders. No, I did not. You can insert whatever sissy descriptive term you like right here.. but I did not eat the giant jungle spider.. and I have no plans too.

Warrior: ” A warrior is a person experienced in or capable of engaging in combat or warfare”.

I spent 5 days with Jack and Dustin together. Wow… I would tell you what they talked about but I want to live a little longer  ( if you get my meaning). What I did witness and can share is these guys are intense.  Both these guys are highly trained in self defense. They can hurt you so fast and in so many different ways that you would need a slow motion camera and instant replay to figure out which way to fall down.

But these warriors have chosen to use their tougher than nails skills for the Kingdom of God. I have witnessed them using their “get it done” mentality to impact a village for Christ and bring lasting change that will save lives now and for eternity. They may have hands of steel with attitudes to match but inside of them both beat hearts of gold.

It was an honor to serve God along side these warriors and a surprise when Dustin called me “the warrior videographer”.  I kinda like that..   Shootin pictures.. takin names.. For God’s Kingdom… now and forever..