One of the biggest blessings I get to experience is getting to be in the company of truly great men. Jack and Raj rank way up there on that list.

Jack and I met up with “Raj” in Chennai and traveled for more than a week visiting different villages and cities where the on going work of One Prayer church planters is happening. On this day, we were  in Trichy and decided to do the report from the top of Rock Fort. Wow.. what an amazing place.  But the story Raj and Jack tells is even more amazing.

The Kingdom of God growing by the minute. To be completely honest , I am so humbled by the work the church planters are doing there. The sacrifices they make to press the gospel of Jesus Christ forward is staggering. Every now and then I think I am having a bad day and my circumstances are too difficult, then I remember the church planters and church goers in India.

I am quickly silenced from my wining.

The work that is being done is phenomenal. It is in part because of generous hearted people who are “giving until it helps”.  Why do we have so much ? It is so we can share in this wonderful work that is so close to the heart of God. It’s a privilege. The Father lets us in on the blessing.

Me and Raj..