Following the path Moses and the Israelites took, after they received the law from God on Mount Sinai, they traveled northeastward and lived nearly 40 years at Kadesh Barnea. This valley is located along the way near Taba, Sinai ( Egypt ). It’s easy to imagine the Israelites camped out in this valley.

IMG_3509 big valley

Saladin’s Castle, originally called Pharaoh’s Island 1170 AD in Taba, Sinai ( Egypt )

IMG_3519 saladine's castle

Near Taba, we passed through a small coastal portion of modern day Israel ( with tons of security ) and into Aqaba, Jordan. Moses took this path ( per God’s instructions ) to avoid family conflict with the Edomites..  and conflict in general with the Moabites.

Our spirits were high, we had just had a good meal in Aqaba and split up into two vans. No trip across a desert would be complete without a breakdown.. What followed could be described as an international incident on the way to Petra.. One unnamed party ( the one on the left ) struck our driver with a plastic pipe when said driver began driving erratically on high mountain roads. The issue was settled without further escalation.

The strange hand gestures indicate the leadership ranking of the passengers as proclaimed by the van driver. Carefully note that the number one is missing, he is taking the picture. Truthfully, these guys are all leaders.

IMG_3530 brokedown

Wadi Musa.. The Valley of Moses, Southern Jordan. Extraordinarily beautiful and incredibly rugged.  The journey of the people of God was epic. I began to realize at this point that Moses was not just a Christian hero of faith but is also an icon for these people. I did not get the chance to ask but I am curious about what the local Jordanian’s really think about Moses.

IMG_3540 wadi musa

Trip days can be pretty stressful. Paul and Vic provided a good portion of the trip entertainment.

IMG_3543 Paul & Vic

We are one third of the way to Amman, Jordan … cue music from Indiana Jones..   Next.. The lost City of Petra.