After some pretty intense travel getting to Biejing.. we were greeted by four nameless men. We were whisked off pretty quickly and before we new it, we were walking down winding dark streets and long dirt roads. We arrived to find a building that you would never expect was a “gathering”.  Think abandoned industrial 1930’s NYC.

Every time I go on one of these trips I am humbled by the sacrifice these warriors of God endure.  Like a blast of reality, we are forced to walk into their world. They smile wide and share what they have. They celebrate God with abandon. They are generous with their love. They look to us for help.. I look to them for inspiration.

It’s forbidden to do what they do. Nothing can stop them!

It’s 4:15 am here where I am. We all just spent most of the night on a “night train”  out of Beijing. It was a 10 hour ride in one of those sleeper cars.  I am going to bed real soon..  but before I do..

It’s almost dinner time back in Niles where I live. Mary emailed me and she is cooking chicken..  I love what she does with a chicken..

Imagine cooking dinner on this every night..  If you have food…

IMG_4115 kitchen

I have a prayer on my lips already.. “Father God, don’t let me look away from their need.”