A friend of mine, Randy Warren recently produced this video after his first trip to Africa. Randy worked as a producer / director for Willow Creek Community Church for thirteen years. About a year ago he moved to Nuru International.

This is an inspiring look at a timeless question: Why are we so poor ?

Randy provided me with this information about Nuru:

“Nuru International seeks to end extreme poverty in remote rural areas through empowerment in impoverished nations and awareness in the developed world.
We are a holistic, integrated development model that empowers communities to lift themselves out of extreme poverty within five years, and then we exit – leaving behind a completely self-sustaining model that is continuing to scale on its own to empower neighboring communities, districts, and eventually the entire country.

Nuru was founded by former US Marine Jake Harriman. Jake got his MBA from Stanford GSB and researched the past 50 years of humanitarian orgs. A Swahili Professor at Stanford introduced Jake to his brother, Philip Mohochi, who had just recently returned to the community where they grew up. And now Philip is the Chairman of Nuru International – Kenya. He grew up in extreme poverty in Kuria, Kenya, and now leads all of Nuru’s Kenyan staff as they partner together to lift their community out of extreme poverty forever. To learn the answer to Philip’s question, watch this video, produced by in-house Nuru Media Staff.”

Here is a direct link to Nuru.