It’s been a really long time since I released music for anything other than TV, Film, Advertising and Video Production. It feels pretty good in a weird sort of way.. It will be a few weeks till it’s live on Reverbnation and on iTunes.. I will refresh this link when it get’s there..  I will no doubt put it on my facebook page as well.

The story.. ( I always have a story ) is this..  For two years after Rachel died, I could not write music.. That is the first time that has happened since I can remember. So this music is very special to me.. It’s more from my heart than anything else I have ever written.. I hope a few people enjoy it.. It felt incredibly good to write it.. It’s based on a passage in scripture in the book of John that focuses on Jesus saying ” I am the Vine, you are the branches, apart from me, you can do nothing “. I have found this to be a profound truth.  Here is the cover of the soon to be released CD, The Vineyard.

In my mind, I saw this music as a score.. It opens with a young women walking through a vineyard at night.. she is broken hearted over a loss that has wounded her to her core. She is looking for healing.. for restoration… when she looks up at the night sky.. she sees a shooting star..

You get to make up the rest of the story for yourself.. but for me it is a story of loss, discovery, surrender and restoration. I hope you can hear it in the music..  coming soon to an iTunes store near you …