Hebrews 2:1-4  ” It’s crucial that we keep a firm grip on what we’ve heard so that we don’t drift off. ”  The message bible..

Paul knew what God knows about us. We tend to drift. It’s seems to be an inherent weakness and often assisted by external forces. The instructions: “keep a firm grip”, my reply: how? If by nature I drift, then where will I find this “firm grip”. The instructions in themselves creates a little irony but does correctly identify our condition. My heart tells me the answer. The Holy Spirit does in us what we cannot do for ourselves. Empowering us, enabling us to stand when we would otherwise fall.

Practically speaking, prayer.. turning our hearts toward God, seeking Him in ernest humility as a person and not an institution. It’s the cry of our hearts: Jesus save me and keep saving me. The “firm grip” looks a lot more like the outstretched arms of a child who is begging to be picked up.  A bowed head and heart in a quiet room or lonely woods. It’s says: I cannot do this myself. I cannot stand by myself. This is the truest cry of faith. Father help me.

Paul goes on to identify ” what we’ve heard “, “the magnificent salvation” that was delivered “In Person” by Jesus. He is reminding the readers to rehearse what they have heard. Essentially to preach The Gospel of Christ to themselves. Be in a constant state of remembrance of this incredible story. When we obey these instructions and rehearse these truths they become an antidote to the steady stream of poisonous insanity that is ever present in the world we live in.

“Neglect”. Paul warns us not to neglect the message. “Neglect” brings to mind a once adored object of affection and attention that now has become just another thing buried in the closet and later to end up on the garage sale table being sold for twenty five cents. In the beginning the item may have been expensive and captivating but now it’s ignored and possibly viewed as “out of date -out of style”.  Human nature.. our affections peak and fade. We look for something new.

“In Person”. A disturbing reality every person faces is change. Nearly everyone has been a part of something exciting and felt like this is it, I have finally found “it”. “It” being a group of friends, a club, a hobby, a church, a team, a family, a location.. the list is endless… We want to freeze time and space and say.. “I don’t ever want this to change “. You try and hold on. Then, slowly or abruptly something changes. It happens to everyone. Loss. We hate to experience loss.

Jesus, shows up “In Person” with a different message for humanity. He says ” I am the same yesterday, today and tomorrow !” “I never change”.  It’s not a new club to sign up for. No tuition. No private invite to an elite social group.  He shows up “In Person” which can mean: present now and also in our human form, with the best story ever.  This story never ends ! It’s so against the normal human experience that it’s nearly impossible to believe. It’s outrageous. Then He validates His own message with historical evidence thats impossible to deny. The blind see. The deaf hear. The lame walk. All who come to Him are healed. And finally He rises from the dead!

This is the story we all want to believe, and anyone who wants in the story, is in.  There is little wonder why all those people who said yes to “the story” first were people of great loss. Those who’s hopes and dreams were dashed into pieces by devastating circumstances and irrevocable human loss. Jesus brought them hope. That life could be life again. That sorrow could become joy. That sadness would be driven to extinction. That unmet hunger for lasting love and relationships full of meaning would be eternally satisfied.

Yes, hold on with a firm grip to the story Jesus is telling us. Don’t drift. This is the only story without end.