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A Pro in Action

by on Jun.08, 2010, under INDIA

It’s fun to work closely with someone who is really passionate about what they do. Ron is exactly that.. but as intense and seriously as he takes his craft, he knows how to have fun doing it.

Here he is in action.

Everybody loves Ron, he makes everyone feel great and laugh. That’s a great working combination when you are working under the harsh conditions we find ourselves in India.

Proverbs 22:29  Observe people who are good at their work—
skilled workers are always in demand and admired;
they don’t take a back seat to anyone.

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Asleep in the Heat

by on Jun.05, 2010, under INDIA

It’s cooler here in Chennai today. A cold front with a little rain swept in from the ocean dropping the temperature from 114 degrees yesterday to 86 today. We missed the heat by one day. Raj, our gracious host says the heat has been unbearable.

I guess the cool weather was just the ticket for this guy and created just the right conditions for a nap. The artwork, mountains with sunshine is something you see all over India. Maybe that is what he is dreaming about, sleeping at the base of these artwork mountains.

Just for the record… It did not feel cool to me. The humidity is very high driving the “humiture” well into the 90’s for sure.

Our first shoot starts in 1 hour, the heat of the day.  I think I’ll take a quick nap and dream of Heaven’s mountains and a walk with Jesus in the cool of the day.

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GCC March 2010 India Team Trip Commissioning

by on Mar.02, 2010, under INDIA

What an awesome send off !

A few hundred people got together to commission a group who are heading off to India on Friday.

There will be teams doing conversational English, Construction, Health and Hygiene, Micro Finance and for the first time, a GCC worship team will be going along.

The worship band played a few of the songs they are going to be performing in four separate concerts in the city of Kalavai. They even sang two of them using the southern Indian naive tongue, Tamil.

The teams will be delivering shoes.. a lot of them, over 700 pairs. Also new back backs for the students going to the school near the Irula colony in Kalavai. They will also be delivering cloths that were donated and collected at GCC.

This was a great night to remember the why and the who behind “the do”!

Jack Magruder and Jason Miller reminded us that with Jesus in us, we are the light of the world. And that is what we are going to proclaim.

You can follow the details closer and get more information on the team blog.. oh yea.. every team trip has there own blog that Jack will faithfully update as long as there is internet..  🙂

The blog address is:

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India One Prayer Report December 2009

by on Feb.25, 2010, under INDIA, One Prayer

One of the biggest blessings I get to experience is getting to be in the company of truly great men. Jack and Raj rank way up there on that list.

Jack and I met up with “Raj” in Chennai and traveled for more than a week visiting different villages and cities where the on going work of One Prayer church planters is happening. On this day, we were  in Trichy and decided to do the report from the top of Rock Fort. Wow.. what an amazing place.  But the story Raj and Jack tells is even more amazing.

The Kingdom of God growing by the minute. To be completely honest , I am so humbled by the work the church planters are doing there. The sacrifices they make to press the gospel of Jesus Christ forward is staggering. Every now and then I think I am having a bad day and my circumstances are too difficult, then I remember the church planters and church goers in India.

I am quickly silenced from my wining.

The work that is being done is phenomenal. It is in part because of generous hearted people who are “giving until it helps”.  Why do we have so much ? It is so we can share in this wonderful work that is so close to the heart of God. It’s a privilege. The Father lets us in on the blessing.

Me and Raj..


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One Prayer Update from Cambodia & India

by on Dec.27, 2009, under Cambodia, INDIA, One Prayer

Jack Magruder and I spent two weeks in December 2009 visiting Cambodia and India to observe the One Prayer church planters in action and to assess the physical needs of these new communities of believers. It’s safe to say that God is at work building his Kingdom. These baby churches are growing at astounding pace. Reminiscent of the early church in the book of Acts, new people are coming to faith constantly. What a blessing to observe. As you celebrate the new souls saved, simultaneously your heart breaks at the poverty. Malnutrition and the lack of even the most basic of human needs is everywhere. We are indeed praising God for His incredible work of salvation here and at the same time hearing His call to reach out to these brothers and sisters with a hand of love to meet there most immediate physical needs.

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6th Month Update – KALAVAI Lube & Scrub

by on Jun.26, 2009, under INDIA

Its been 6 months since the Kalavai “AGAPE TWO WHEELER SERVICE CENTER AND WASH” got it’s start. Here is an update from Rob & Dan.


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KC3 Property Aquisition

by on Jun.24, 2009, under INDIA

Just like MC3 in downtown South Bend, KC3 promises to play a leading role in the transformation of lives in this remote, lowest cast Indian village.

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Back From India

by on Jun.23, 2009, under INDIA

I am back from India.  “Not”!  I am not sure you get back from India. It works it’s way into the cracks of your soul and wraps itself around you in ways that will not allow you to escape. The culture is impossible to describe. Everyone talks about the food, which is weird, hot and sometimes amazing. The traffic which is always terrifying and exhilarating. The temperature, hot, so hot… The trash… oh my gosh.. the trash. The poverty, heartbreaking. Michelle Wegner said it best, the more times you return, you realize you understand it less and less. India is complex.

The people are wonderful. The smiles unmatched. The beauty, extreme. The sadness, beyond words.

I arrived in Chicago Saturday evening around 5:45 Chicago time and was home around 10:00. So physically I am here, in Michigan but in my head I am still 9 thousand miles away. I can still see and feel hundreds of people being baptized in the muddy waters of a lake that supplies Chennai with water. Frankly it’s pretty hard to imagine what they would have to do to clean it enough to make it drinkable. But past the sanitation issues lies the real story. Having accepted God’s generous offer of salvation back in the mid seventies and being baptized myself at that time, I have a perspective that only of few of this days “baptizies” might have. Three decades of life post baptism.  I am continuously reminded of what my life would have been like had I continued on the path I was on at the time I accepted Christ. I watched in awe and complete awareness as hundreds began their journey just as I had. I felt  incredibly privileged to witness the event.  The young and the old. I was captivated by the sense of eternal destinies being changed before my eyes. The world as I know it was shrinking before my eyes and the Kingdom of God growing larger by the moment. I think it’s why Jesus commanded us to “go”. When you “go” you see God. And He is busy, building His Kingdom. One child at a time. and…. there is a lot of us. 



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by on Jun.14, 2009, under INDIA

Yesterday we went to a baptismal service, Indian Style. Nearly 400 people were baptized. It was 105 degrees. The people came from 18 different churches through out the district that are pastored by GCC trained church planters. Rob has the details on his blog..

For a good portion of the baptism I stood on a raft that looked like it was salvaged from “the ark”.  Around the edges, the lake was pretty swampy.  Honestly the muck was pretty gross… to borrow a term from when I was a kid. Realizing I was pretty far from “the action”  I got out of the boat!  My pants have 6 pockets… I successfully emptied 5 of them before wading out.  The little India Nokai phone was a casualty.  It was great to get close. Baptism’s always get to me. This day was no exception. I watched as a very old man was carried out to Raj & Rob. He appeared crippled. The years had taken a toll on him. I could only imagine the joy he will experience when his body is fully restored in the soon coming Kingdom of God. The children were every where. They love cameras. Some things are the same where ever you go.

I have a short video that will give you a taste.

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St. Thomas Mount

by on Jun.11, 2009, under INDIA

I don’t think this is what it looked like 2,000 years ago when Thomas was here in India planting churches. It was most likely a hill with a dirt path leading to the top. Still, when I was standing, walking and looking around, knowing that Thomas, stood, walked and looked around the very same place, it gave me pause. As Rob points out in his blog, Thomas was here as a church planter, In Tamil Nadu. So are we. If that does not stop you in your tracks then you need to take your pulse.

It really did not matter to me that there were pictures, icons and religious “stuff” around, it was knowing he had been there and died there that impacted me. What a true shock it must have been for him when he truly realized who Jesus is and his now famous quote.

my-lordAt some point in the visit, I wanted to do what Thomas might have done so I left the building walked a short ways to an area where no one was at the time and that had an over look that was for the most part without buildings and wires and things man has built. Something closer to what Thomas may have seen when he was here.


I was praying there for a little while when this man started to talk to me.

manI don’t know his name. His english was not great but in a short time I was able to understand a few things. He said I need help, my wife is insane and my children are sick and I need to pay my rent. I don’t know if his story is true or not. At that moment that was not what was on my mind.

I asked God to let me feel this man’s pain and He did.

I asked God to let me see what Thomas saw, and He did.


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